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Nina’s mom, Christine Langton, has a degree in public health and works at a children’s hospital. Despite her professional background, she says she was “completely caught off guard” by her daughter’s suicide attempt. “Nina was funny, athletic, smart, personable . . . depression was just not on my radar,” she says.

Nina Langton, 17, at her dormitory in Mass., Oct. 2017.
Rania Matar—Institute for TIME

In hindsight, Langton says she wishes she had done more to moderate her daughter’s smartphone use. “It didn’t occur to me not to let her have the phone in her room at night,” she says. “I just wasn’t thinking about the impact of the phone on her self-esteem or self-image until after everything happened.”

It seems like every generation of parents has a collective freak-out when it comes to kids and new technologies; television and video games each inspired widespread hand-wringing among grown-ups. But the inescapability of today’s mobile devices—coupled with the personal allure of social media—seems to separate smartphones from older screen-based media. Parents, teens and researchers agree smartphones are having a profound impact on the way adolescents today communicate with one another and spend their free time. And while some experts say it’s too soon to ring alarm bells about smartphones, others argue we understand enough about young people’s emotional and developmental vulnerabilities to recommend restricting kids’ escalating phone habit.

The latest statistics on teen mental health underscore the urgency of this debate.

Between 2010 and 2016, the number of adolescents who experienced at least one major depressive episode leapt by 60%, according to a nationwide survey conducted by the Recommend Cheap Online Tracker Jogger in Black size S also in MXS NPhilanthropy Outlet Huge Surprise For Sale Very Cheap O4i4bNzO
. The 2016 survey of 17,000 kids found that about 13% of them had a major depressive episode, compared to 8% of the kids surveyed in 2010. Suicide deaths among people age 10 to 19 have also risen sharply, according to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention . Young women are suffering most; a CDC report released earlier this year showed suicide among teen girls has reached 40-year highs. All this followed a period during the late-1990s and early 2000s when rates of adolescent depression and suicide mostly held steady or declined.

“These increases are huge—possibly unprecedented,” says Jean Twenge, a professor of psychology at San Diego State University and author of , which examines how today’s super-connected teens may be less happy and less prepared for adulthood than past generations. In a peer-reviewed study that will appear later this year in the journal Clinical Psychological Science , Twenge shows that, after 2010, teens who spent more time on new media were more likely to report mental health issues than those who spent time on non-screen activities.

Using data collected between 2010 and 2015 from more than 500,000 adolescents nationwide, Twenge’s study found kids who spent three hours or more a day on smartphones or other electronic devices were 34% more likely to suffer at least one suicide-related outcome—including feeling hopeless or seriously considering suicide—than kids who used devices two hours a day or less. Among kids who used electronic devices five or more hours a day, 48% had at least one suicide-related outcome.

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incluye definiciones de las diferentes funciones y de sus responsabilidades. Antes de comenzar a entender los requisitos del RGPD, o empezar a implementar el , es importante entender las funciones. En este artículo compartiré una descripción general de las funciones clave en el contexto del RGPD.

El responsable es la persona física o entidad legal que determina los fines y los medios del tratamiento de datos personales (ej. al tratar datos personales de un empleado, el empresario es considerado como el responsable). Es posible tener corresponsables de datos en determinadas circunstancias. Por ejemplo, cuando una empresa opera en múltiples países, pero las decisiones sobre los fines del tratamiento se realizan tanto por entidades centrales como locales, el escenario podría considerarse el de un corresponsable.

La responsabilidad clave de un responsable es ser responsable, es decir, tomar medidas de acuerdo con el RGPD, y ser capaz de explicar el cumplimiento con el RGPD a los interesados y a la Autoridad de Control, cómo y cuando sea requerido.

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Una persona física o entidad legal que trata datos personales en nombre del responsable (ej. centralitas que actúan en nombre de sus clientes) es considerada un encargado. En ocasiones, a un encargado también se le conoce como un tercero.

La responsabilidad clave de un encargado es garantizar que las condiciones especificadas en el Acuerdo de Tratamiento de Datos firmadas con el responsable se cumplan siempre, y que las obligaciones establecidas en el RGPD también sean cumplidas.

El Delegado de Protección de Datos es una función de liderazgo requerida por el RGPD UE. Esta función existe dentro de empresas que traten datos personales de ciudadanos de la UE. Un DPD es responsable de supervisor el enfoque de protección de datos, la estrategia, y su implementación. En resumen, el DPD es responsable del cumplimiento del RGPD. Es posible que ciertas empresas opten por no designar un DPD, sino que asignen la responsabilidad a una persona existente en la organización.

Normalmente, la opción del nombramiento o no de un DPD, se basa en la escala de los datos personales que se tratan en una empresa. Por ejemplo, una empresa pequeña que ofrece servicios de análisis de registros médicos debería de tener un DPD, debido a que tratan datos personales, mientras que una empresa mediana de fabricación podría optar no contar con un DPD, ya que los únicos datos personales que trata son los del personal o los de sus proveedores.

La responsabilidad clave del DPD es garantizar el cumplimiento con el RGPD y asesorar a la dirección de la empresa y el personal sobre las correctas medidas a tomar.

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